Table of Contents

Foreword: Where Have we Come from? Where Are we Going? Interstate 2.0
Gil Charmichael


Introduction: Moving from Disaster to Opportunity: Transitioning the Transportation Sector from Oil-Dependence
John Renne and Billy Fields


Part 1 Petroleum Consumption Impacts and Trends
Chapter 1: The Role of Transportation in Driving Climate Disruption
Debbie Gordon and David Burwell
Chapter 2: Oil Vulnerability in the American City
Neil Sipe and Jago Dodson
Chapter 3: Full Cost Analysis of Petroleum Consumption
Todd Litman
Chapter 4: How Does Induced Travel Affect Sustainable Transportation Policy?
Robert Noland and Christopher Hanson
Chapter 5: Bending the Curve:  How Reshaping U.S. Transportation Can Influence Carbon Demand
Deron Lovaas and Joanne Potter


Part 2 Transportation and Oil Dependence: A Modal Analysis
Chapter 6: Public Transportation as a Solution to Oil Dependence
Bradley Lane
Chapter 7: Taking the Car Out of Carbon: Mass Transit and Emission Avoidance
Projjal Dutta
Chapter 8: High-Speed Rail and Reducing Oil Dependence
Petra Todorovich Messick and Edward Burgess
Chapter 9: The Challenges and Benefits of Using Biodiesel in Freight Railways
Simon McDonnell and Jie (Jane) Lin
Chapter 10: Healthy, Oil-Free Transportation: The Role of Walking and Bicycling in Reducing Oil Dependence
Kevin Mills
Chapter 11: Building an Optimized Freight Transportation System
Alan Drake


Part 3 Moving Forward
Chapter 12: Imagining a Future Without Oil for Car Dependent Cities and Regions
Peter Newman
Chapter 13: The Pent-Up Demand for Transit-Oriented Development and Its Role in Reducing Oil Dependence
John Renne
Chapter 14: Deteriorating or Improving?: Transport Sustainability Trends in Global Metropolitan Areas
Jeffrey Kenworthy
Chapter 15: Policy Implications of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program: Redefining the Transportation Solution
Billy Fields and Tony Hull
Chapter 16: From Potential to Practice: Building a National Policy Framework for Transportation Oil Reduction
Billy Fields, John Renne and Kevin Mills

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