“Because the United States transportation system wastes so much oil today, moving beyond mobility that guzzles gas, diesel, and kerosene like there’s no tomorrow will actually be easier than many anticipate. And after many of the solutions put forward in this book are implemented, people will wonder why America waited so long to break away from such an unhealthy addiction to oil.”

Anthony Perl, Professor, Urban Studies and Political Science, Simon Fraser University

“Transport Beyond Oil is an excellent compendium of thought-provoking research and information demonstrating how we can move from being a nation whose transportation sector is addicted to oil to a nation whose transportation sector offers sustainable mobility and greater choice in travel options to its citizens.”

William W. Millar, Retired President, American Public Transportation Association

“I look forward to a world in which people everywhere are more mobile while transport is sustainable. Getting there is a policy challenge in need of deep exploration. This eclectic and readable collection of stimulating essays richly informs the research and lively policy debates that lie ahead.”

Martin Wachs, University of California and RAND Corporation

“Transport Beyond Oil shows the supply efficiency and demand mitigation strategies the market and the planet are calling for to get the economy off our transportation oil addiction. This collection will get us closer to kicking our addiction and lead the way to the sensible use of this natural treasure.”

Christopher B. Leinberger, President, LOCUS, Professor, George Washington University, School of Business, author, The Option of Urbanism


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